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Portsmouth Interfaith Forum.

" working to meet the needs of the local faith communities ".


A photograph of Portsmouth Interfaith Forum supporter and volunteer Nick Bryant of Nick Bryant Advanced & Ethical Marketing & Design.

Why join PIF?

Why join PIF? Because it is obvious from their action plan, and obvious from their core values, that PIF have what it takes to build the future, and that they are doing it NOW.

As it says in the song by Peter Gabriel,
    You can blow out a candle.
    But you can't blow out a fire.
    Once the flames begin to catch.
    The wind will blow it higher.

If you want to add your flame, your voice, all you need to do is contact the PIFExecutive ChairmanTaki Jaffer. How to contact PIF.

To join PIF all you need is faith.

Click here to view, then print, the PIF Membership Application form.

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The photograph shows PIF Supporter and Volunteer Nick Bryant.
Yours faithfully,
Nick Bryant.