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Portsmouth Interfaith Forum.

" working to meet the needs of the local faith communities ".


A photograph of the man from the Portsmouth Interfaith Forum banner.

What are our core values?

Our core values are having faith in:

accuracy, awareness, cohesion, cooperation, communication, community, commitment, courtesy, creativity, decency, development, differences, emergence, enrichment, equality, ethics, harmony, honesty, inclusion, intelligence, integrity, interaction, legality, morality, respect, similarities, support, sustainability, synergy, trust, understanding, and unity.

Our core principle of faith is having faith in people with faith. Because people are much more important than politics.

If you support our core values as an individual, as a representative for a faith group, or as a service provider, all you need to do is contact us. How to contact PIF.
The photograph shows the man from the PIF banner.